Our school respectfully acknowledges that we are located on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territory of the Algonquin Peoples, 
on whose territory we pray, learn, play and work.

School Staff 2018-2019

Office Administrator
Andrea Mailhot

Kim Hutchinson

Resource Teacher

Kindergarten Team
Claire Murat (ECE)

Primary Team
Jennifer Dickenson (for Alex Korcsog)

Junior Team

Educational Assistants
Julie Looker
Svitlana Pisetska
Nicki Hanson
Jamie O'Neil
Danielle Benson

Library Technician 
Jodie Guscott

ESL Support
Melissa Juneau

Dariusz Wyscocki (Head Custodian)
Ryan Salapang (Evening Custodian)

Developmental Education Team
Kimberly Redmond
Michelle Van Loon
Ross Van Loan
Kassandra Xazandroulis-Schwab
Raida Mumbarak
Alanna Stairs (Housekeeper) 
Ruth Lenarduzzi (Nurse)


About Our School

Welcome to Thomas D’Arcy McGee Catholic School!


Our Mission Statement

The mission of Thomas D’Arcy McGee Catholic School is to create and maintain a faith based educational environment which ensures that all children reach their highest level of academic achievement possible. We are committed to a comprehensive system of support to ensure this outcome through the rigorous implementation of high yield strategies in all curriculum areas.


Who We Are

We are a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 school situated in the beautiful Beacon Hill Community in Ottawa, Ontario. Our school is fully equipped with the latest technology in every classroom. The SmartBoards, iPads, and Netbooks are used on a daily basis by both the teachers and the students to fully enhance your child's education through interactive learning.

We are also proud to be offering the Full-Day Junior and Senior Kindergarten French Immersion Program. We also offer French Immersion beginning in Grade 4. With both of these programs, your child receives half of their instructional day in French and half in English. There is still plenty of space available. All students are welcome!

If you require further information, or if you would like to book a tour of our school before you register your child, please contact us at 613-749-2251 or at: thomasdarcy.mcgee@ocsb.ca 

Our History 

Thomas D'Arcy McGee Catholic School first opened its doors in 1969 in Beacon Hill North, a thriving suburb in the east end of Ottawa, Ontario, our Nation's Capital. The school was named after Thomas D'Arcy McGee who, in 1857, became an elected member of parliament. He passionately believed that any system of education worthy of the name, must have a religious basis. In concert with the spokesmen for the Catholic Church, he participated in a long and skillful battle to secure the Catholics of Ontario the right to this kind of education, and undoubtedly, his eloquence helped persuade Parliament to accept this principle. In 1863, he finally had the satisfaction of seeing legislation passed which recognized the separate school system in Ontario.

What We Are Today 

We are a vibrant Catholic Community who have dedicated ourselves to fostering academic excellence and personal growth among our students. Emphasizing the leadership skills that Thomas D'Arcy McGee personified throughout his life in the arts, sports and in the protection of the environment, provides the students of Thomas D'Arcy McGee Catholic School with a well-rounded education.

In the Thomas D'Arcy McGee Catholic School Community, the staff and parents co-operate to create a positive, secure learning environment for academic and social growth. With the help of many volunteers and through classroom learning activities, our students are full participants in the development of their educational experience and environment.

What We Offer At Our School

Thomas D'Arcy McGee Catholic School is a Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 School. We have extensive facilities to offer our students:
  • Full Day Junior and Senior Kindergarten French Immersion classes 
  • Kindergarten, Primary and Junior Pods 
  • Developmental Education Unit 
  • Resource Room 
  • ELL Room 
  • Conference Rooms
  • NetBooks
  • Ipads 
  • Chromebooks in each classroom 
  • SmartBoards in each classroom 
  • Learning Commons 
  • Double Gymnasium 
  • Sensory Room 
  • Large school yard with basketball nets 
  • Cross Country Skis for primary classes 
  • Snowshoes for students
  • Beaconwood School Age Program for children 4 to 9

Activities, Clubs & Teams

Thomas D'Arcy McGee Teams 

Girls Basketball
Boys Basketball   
Girls Volleyball
Boys Volleyball
Girls Badminton
Boys Badminton

Track and Field
Ultimate Frisbee
Swim to Survive Program (Grade 3 Students)

Thomas D'Arcy McGee Clubs

Environmental/Recycling Club  

Drama Club

Buddies Club with D.E. group
Yoga Club

Student Lead Clubs (e.g. crafts, games, etc)

Affiliated Schools

2072 Jasmine Crescent, Gloucester
Phone:  613-741-4525

Our Parish

2414 Ogilvie Road,Ottawa
Phone:  613-745-7774